About Us

ID8 Inc. is the award-winning online media company behind the innovative Filipino brands
8List.ph, BiteSized.ph, and WindowSeat.ph.

Headquartered in Metro Manila, Philippines, ID8 Inc. is dedicated to creating content that resonates with the online Pinoy, reaching over 8.4 million consumers every month. Since 2010, ID8 has been creating culture-relevant content that doesn’t just reflect Filipino culture, but engages the online Pinoy as a catalyst for positive change.

The ID8 Team

Our young and driven team is passionate about telling stories in compelling ways. Here in ID8, our talents are empowered to be creative, innovative, and imaginative, so that we can create content that transforms Filipino online conversations for the better.

Interested in working with Id8 Inc.? Visit our careers page to check for openings.